About the National Cancer Intelligence Network

The National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) is a UK-wide partnership operated by Public Health England.

The NCIN coordinates and develops analysis and intelligence to drive improvements in prevention, standards of cancer care and clinical outcomes for cancer patients.

Our aims and objectives cover five core areas to improve the quality and availability of cancer data from its collection to use:

  • Promoting efficient and effective data collection throughout the cancer journey
  • Providing a common national repository for cancer datasets
  • Producing expert analyses, to monitor patterns of cancer care
  • Exploiting information to drive improvements in cancer care and clinical outcomes
  • Enabling use of cancer information to support audit and research programmes

This section of the website contains details about the members of the network, where our funding comes from, our staff and the Steering Group that oversees our work. You can also find information that may be of interest to specific audiences.

Download the What is the NCIN? - Tri-fold flyer.