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Tools requiring registration

The National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) currently has two portals requiring registration: CancerStats and CancerStats2. Both sites are only accessible on the N3 (NHS) network.


CancerStats2 is NCRAS’s new and updated information and reporting portal for users within the NHS. It is a repository of information on datasets managed or supported by NCRAS and currently includes:

  • COSD reporting portal
  • Radiotherapy (RTDS) and Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT)
  • Incidence/Mortality
  • National Audits (NLCA, NABCOP, NPCA, OCAFP)
  • Life After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Survey
  • Cancer Alliance Reporting (CADEAS)

Further modules are planned and will be included in due course. A slide-deck put together by the TCST partnership explaining the statistics and metrics available on CancerStats2 is available here.

However, whilst the original CancerStats portal is being migrated to CancerStats2, certain functionality is still available on the original CancerStats site (further details below).

CancerStats (historic)

This is the original information and reporting portal for NCRAS. Most functionality has now been migrated to the new and updated CancerStats2 portal (details above). However, until the migration is fully complete, the following functionality is still available on the original CancerStats site:

  • Incidence/mortality/survival
  • Treatment modality
  • Clinical Headline Indicators
  • Standard Output Tables for rarer cancer types (Get Data Out)   

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Open access tools

These tools provide a range of knowledge and information for public users with a particular interest in cancer or cancer services. They are open access (no password required) and each tool provides instructions on its use and details of the data included.

For an overview about the cancer statistics NCRAS publishes, including information on the latest statistics that are publicly available and where to find them, please use this document


CancerData has routine incidence and mortality data, as well as hosting the National Cancer Taskforce Dashboard which includes a number of metrics.

Cancer Services data - Fingertips

The PHE fingertips tool hosts the Cancer Services data, which reports GP and CCG data.

Health Profiles - Fingertips

There are a variety of cancer metrics contained within the Fingertips Public Health Profiles data portal, including the Cancer Services Profiles and GP Practice Profiles.

Gynaecological cancer profiles

The gynaecological cancer profiles offer a simplified funnel plot view of incidence, mortality and survival data, for the different gynaecological cancers (where available), at Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Health and Wellbeing Board area.

Prevalence e-Atlas

The Prevalence e-Atlas is an interactive tool which uses maps, charts and data tables to display cancer prevalence data by cancer network for the UK. The data displayed are those published in the NCIN report One, Five and Ten-year Cancer Prevalence.

Cancer Mortality Profiles

Public Health England's Public Health Outcomes Framework has information on a number of different indicators, including cancer mortality.