Cancer Information Tools

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Free tools

These tools provide a range of information for the general public or those with a particular interest in cancer or cancer services. They are free to access and each tool provides instructions on its use and details of the data included.

Cancer e-Atlas

The aim of the Cancer e-Atlas is to provide the public, health care professionals, commissioners and health service managers with basic information on incidence, mortality and survival for the main types of cancers in males and females.

GP Practice Profiles

The GP Practice Profiles bring together a range of outcomes and process information relevant to cancer in primary care. They provide readily available and comparative information for benchmarking and reviewing variations at a general practice level. GP Practice Profiles are currently available only to authorised users via the Cancer Commissioning Toolkit.

Cancer Mortality Profiles

The mortality profiles are interactive spreadsheets showing trends in cancer mortality rates in England for under 75 year olds by different levels of geography. This tool has been developed to support the monitoring, commissioning and planning of local cancer services. Produced by the South West Public Health Observatory on behalf of the National Cancer Action Team and National Cancer Intelligence Network.

Gynaecological cancer profiles

Trent Cancer Registry has developed a set of indicators to help identify and understand variations in gynaecological cancer across England. These indicators include incidence and mortality rates for the main gynaecological cancers, survival, and influencing factors, such as deprivation, smoking prevalence and obesity. Cervical screening coverage indicators are also available.

Prevalence e-Atlas

The Prevalence e-Atlas is an interactive tool which uses maps, charts and data tables to display cancer prevalence data by cancer network for the UK. The data displayed are those published in the NCIN report One, Five and Ten-year Cancer Prevalence.

Tools for authorised users

Cancer Commissioning Toolkit

The Cancer Commissioning Toolkit is an online library of key cancer information and data which can be easily accessed by commissioners for use in the preparation of their commissioning plans. The toolkit is available only to authorised users.

Cancer Analysis System (Cascade)

 From 1 April 2014, please use to access Cascade, the UKCIS replacement.  This is only accessible on the N3 (NHS)  network.

Tools from other organisations

Health Profiles

Health Profiles is the Department of Health's programme to improve availability and accessibility to heath and health-related information in England. They give a snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England. Health Profiles are produced annually by the Public Health Observatories in England working in partnership and are commissioned by the Department of Health.