Cancer Patient Experience

The English Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) is commissioned by NHS England and administered on their behalf by an external survey provider organisation (Quality Health).  The survey provides insights into the care experienced by cancer patients across England who were treated as day cases or inpatients.

Further details, including access to the latest report can be found at:

CPES & Cancer Registration linkage

Data briefings

Linkage of the English Cancer Patient Experience Survey to cancer registration data – Data briefing announcing the data availability for linked CPES/CAS1502 datasets through the Office for Data Release (ODR), and briefly summarising the linkage process.


Linking English Cancer Patient Experience Surveys 2010, 2011/12 and 2013 with cancer registration data - This report covers the first stage of the project: to link each year of the English CPES data from the 2010, 2011/2012 and 2013 surveys to the tumour table in the Cancer Analysis System (CAS) in order to create merged datasets for analyses and research. 

Future work

Descriptive report - The second stage of the project takes a detailed descriptive analysis of the datasets from the linkage of the CPES datasets with CAS. A descriptive report will soon be available. Once this is published, the linked datasets will be available to researchers through the ODR.

Linkage of the CPES 2014 survey with the data in CAS will be undertaken shortly after the release of the descriptive report.