Cancer Patient Experience

The Cancer Patient Experience Survey was undertaken by the Department of Health and provides insights into the care experienced by cancer patients across England who were treated as day cases or inpatients. 

The latest national cancer patient experience survey is for 2011/12.  It covered inpatient and day case cancer patients treated between 1st September and 30th November 2011. 160 NHS Trusts providing cancer services identified patients and nearly 72,000 patients chose to respond. The 2011/12 Cancer Patient Experience Survey questionnaire largely replicated the 2010 survey with nine new questions.  The survey covered both inpatient and day case patients, 36% were inpatients and 64% were day cases. For full details about the survey please see the DH web page.

Each of the 160 NHS Trusts taking part in the survey have been provided with a bespoke report which enables them to compare their provision of cancer patient experience with other Trusts, and to drive quality improvements and better outcomes locally.

2011/12 survey results

2010 survey results