Links to recent cancer statistics

Cancer Incidence, Mortality and Survival

The National Cancer Intelligence Network’s (NCIN) e-atlas tool provides data on cancer incidence, mortality and survival for the UK. The tool is being updated to provide updated data up to 2012, at Clinical Commissioning Group, Health and Social Care Trust and Health Board level. Once this update is complete the e-atlas will be available publically on the NCIN website.

Prior to this update, most recent cancer statistics for national levels, and selected lower geographies, are available from a number of sources.


Cancer Research UK (CRUK) provides UK information about cancer incidence, mortality and survival by cancer site.


Incidence, mortality and survival

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) provides yearly cancer incidence and mortality statistics with information also available for cancer survival.

  • Incidence data are available as part of the MB1 series. The latest year available is for 2012.
  • Mortality data are available for England and Wales as part of the DR series.
  • Survival estimates are also available for a selection of sites and geographies as well as the cancer survival index at CCG level


The Information Service Division Scotland provides detailed information about Scottish cancer incidence, mortality and survival.


The Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit provides detailed information about Welsh cancer incidence, mortality and survival.

Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Cancer Registry provides detailed information about Northern Irish cancer incidence, mortality and survival.


The Irish Cancer Registry provides detailed information about Irish cancer incidence and mortality and survivalFactsheets are also produced showing summaries by site for incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence.