Gynaecological Cancers

This page provides details of NCIN's work on Gynaecological cancers and of the Gynaecological Site Specific Clinical Reference Group (SSCRG). The Gynaecological SSCRG covers cervical, ovarian, womb, endometrial and vulval cancers.

Clinical Reference Group

The Chair of the Gynaecological SSCRG is Dr Andy Nordin, consultant gynaecologist / sub-specialist gynaecological oncologist. See the group Events, Membership and Resources.

NCIN (Sheffield) provides the analytical support for the SSCRG's work programme. 

The Gynaecological Cancer Hub

The Gynaecological Cancer Hub is new to the NCIN website!

The aim is to improve the manageability, accessibility and visibility of the Hub content. It is also a natural move in preparation for transition to Public Health England, which supports greater alignment and integration of public health intelligence resources on the web.

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