Skin cancer factsheets and resources

Skin cancer factsheets - updated 25th March 2013

Skin cancer factsheets - updated 13th June 2012


Malignant melanoma: increase in incidence by age band in England

Non-melanoma skin cancer: Estimates of cases

It is important to note that while cancer registration of malignant melanoma is of high quality, it is more variable for non-melanoma skin cancer and this should be considered when interpreting data.


Development of a national skin cancer hub – from epidemiology to prevention

Protect yourself

Skin Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis Interventions

Examples of Skin Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis Interventions is a compilation of interventions used for the implementation of skin cancer prevention and early diagnosis initiatives. They were loaded by colleagues in England into a database as part of the Skin Cancer Hub, hosted on the former South West Public Health Observatory website, to be used as examples and to be shared as resources.