The toolkits are practical guides to support a range of organisations involved in skin cancer prevention and early diagnosis. They were developed in 2009 but still contain relevant information. Each toolkit:

  • provides information on skin cancer
  • presents challenges and reasons for action
  • highlights risk areas and focus points
  • signposts to information sources and intervention ideas
  • lists key actions

Commissioning Toolkit for Skin Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis Programmes - This toolkit provides practical guidance for commissioners on establishing prevention and early diagnosis skin cancer programmes.

Skin Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis Initiative: Commissioning Toolkit for Acute Hospital Trusts - This toolkit provides Acute Trusts with an overview of commissioning and takes them through some key steps such as analysing needs and services as well as guidance on how to make a business case to commissioners to develop services.

Healthy Schools Plus South West: Skin Cancer Awareness and Early Diagnosis - This factsheet, written in collaboration with Healthy Schools Plus South West, provides schools with practical guidance on establishing a sun policy and ensuring 'sun safe' behaviour, such as encouraging children to use clothing and suncream as sun protection and undertaking 'sun education’ lessons.