Urological Cancer Hub

December 2015 - Urological cancer profiles updated to 2011-13 incidence and mortality.

About the Hub

The Urological Cancer Hub provides data and intelligence on urological cancers in England. It is aimed at a wide range of professionals working in the field, including NHS providers, commissioners, Cancer Networks, charities, urologists and other clinicians. It also provides information and links for patients and the general public who wish to understand more about urological cancers, including information about incidence and mortality, and past and current trends. It has also been specifically designed to support the work of the NCIN's Urology Site Specific Clinical Reference Group.

There are several cancers which are grouped together as the urological cancers (links are to the Cancer Research UK website):

There are a number of specialist charities for urological cancers. For more information, see our Information for patients and carers page.

The Urological Cancer Hub is maintained by the Public Health England  National Cancer Intelligence Network (Bristol team). NCIN (Bristol) leads on the analysis and collection of urological cancer data on behalf of the Cancer Registration Service (CRS). We are pleased also to work with the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

What's in the Hub

For more information, please contact luke.hounsome@phe.gov.uk.