Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) Development

Characteristics of an Effective MDT

The National Cancer Action Team (NCAT) has issued the characteristics of an effective MDT based on the views of over 2000 MDT members who responded to a survey in early 2009 (see below) along with the views of stakeholders who attended various workshops and meetings throughout 2009. Anyone involved in, or with, MDTs is encouraged to look at these characteristics and see how their MDT(s) compare to them and to initiate discussions within their MDT(s) and Trust(s) about what actions might need to be taken to bring MDTs in line with these characteristics.


In early 2009 a survey was circulated by the NCAT to seek views about MDT working. Over 2,000 MDT members responded. A report summarising the key findings has been compiled and the full set of results from the survey on which this report is based is available to download.

In addition the survey included a number of open questions. The responses to these have been organised into separate reports according to professional groups: