Scientific Advisory Group

Terms of reference | Agendas and minutes

NCIN has established a Scientific Advisory Group in order to provide high quality methodological and analytical advice regarding its information outputs. The group meets twice each year; agendas and minutes of these meetings are published and can be downloaded from this page. The group's full terms of reference and membership are below.

Terms of reference

  1. To advise the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) on the appropriate methodologies to be used in and interpretation to be applied to information and research outputs produced by the NCIN;
  2. To review identified priority analyses and outputs conducted by the NCIN Steering Group, Coordinating Team, Site Specific Reference Groups and their associated lead cancer registries or other NCIN partner organisations and advise on appropriate statistical and analytical methodologies to be used;
  3. To advise the NCIN Steering Group and Coordinating Team on priorities for commissioned research into methodological developments in order to improve the reliability of information outputs especially in the area of comparative performance and outcomes measures;
  4. To maintain an overview of the NCIN’s portfolio, advise the NCIN Steering Group and Coordinating Team on potential new areas of work and, where appropriate, contribute to the development such work;
  5. To recommend to the NCIN Steering Group appropriate peer review processes for relevant information outputs or research proposals submitted to NCIN for support;
  6. To liaise with the UK Association of Cancer Registires Analysis Group and other groups concerned with producing relevant outputs to develop common approaches to analysis and presentation of results.

Agendas and Minutes from previous meetings

April 2013

October 2012

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