2018 Recurrence Reporting by Hospital Trust

The workbook included on this page has now been updated to include data for recurrences reported in 2014-2018 at a hospital level trust. 

Please read the information provided below and in the cover sheet of the workbook for any major changes in this update.

2014-2018 Recurrence Reporting by Hospital Trust

As cancer treatments and survival improve there has been a growing interest in the relapse and recurrence of the disease. The time between treatment and relapse is becoming an increasingly important measure of the success of initial treatments and the quality of life of those living with and beyond cancer. One of the major recommendations of the Independent Cancer Taskforce was that accurate data should be collected on all patients where their disease recurs. The National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) in PHE has committed to supporting NHS England in improving data collection on these patients.

The NCRAS has access to recurrence records submitted as part of the Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD) and to the Cancer Waiting Times (CWT) treatment dataset for diagnosed cancer patients, which records when the treatment is for a recurrence. Counts of recurrence data at trust level are released based on these datasets.

The workbook presents recurrence data reported for both the COSD and CWT datasets for 2014-2018 by Trust. Data is broken down by all sites, breast (C50 and D05), all other malignant cancers (C00-C97 excluding C44) and C44 & D codes. Number of cases submitted for 2014-2018 by each Trust is also listed. A small number of Trusts have been excluded from the workbook, mainly because of their specialist nature and the relatively small numbers of cancer registrations. Recurrence records were included if they had details on date, patient and Trust; incomplete records have therefore not been counted. There are differences between the numbers of recurrences reported via COSD and CWT. Half of Trusts record more cases in CWT than COSD, and half record fewer. These two datasets do count slightly different things: COSD includes cases with a diagnosis, whereas CWT includes cases treated. However, this is not enough to account for the difference being reported.

2014-2017 Reported Recurrence by Hospital Trust Workbook and Cover Note