COSD Roadshows 2018

Following the successful (COSD) Roadshows in January and February 2018 around the country, it was agreed to publish both the presentations and the best practice notes from the group sessions. The feedback summary is also attached.

Download these from the links below and share with your colleagues who were not available to attend the Roadshows themselves:

Presentation handouts


Cancer Waiting Times (CWT)

Below are the comments from the (COSD) round table group discussions, with responses when these were needed. In cases where the same comment was made at multiple roadshows we've included them all to show the depth of discussion held across the country.

The discussions will help us to understand the complexities and difficulties in collecting existing data and provide useful information to support changes to COSD v9 in 2020.

Notes of the discussion points from each COSD roadshow:

Combined comments covering all the COSD roadshows, grouped by conversation outcomes:


We value feedback on the Roadshows as it helps us to improve next time. Below is a summary of the feedback we received from the 2018 COSD Roadshows.

Event overall:

  • 98% of people attended both the morning and afternoon sessions
  • 93% of people thought the event was good-to-excellent
  • 95% of people thought the roadshow improved their knowledge of cancer data and information
  • 83% of people thought the length of the roadshow was about right
  • 71% of people thought the food and refreshments were good-to-excellent

COSD – Morning Sessions:

  • 95% of people thought the 'COSD v8' presentation was good-to-excellent
  • 79% of people thought the 'COSD v8 round table discussion' was good-to-excellent
  • 79% of people thought the 'CancerStats2' presentation was good-to-excellent
  • 56% of people thought the 'NABCOP' presentation was good-to-excellent

CWT – Afternoon Sessions:

  • 85% of people thought the 'New CWT System' presentation was good-to-excellent
  • 78% of people thought the 'NCWTMDs v2.0' presentation was good-to-excellent
  • 75% of people thought the '28 day Faster Diagnosis Standard' presentation was good-to-excellent
  • 63% of people thought the 'CWT round table discussion' was good-to-excellent


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