NCIN Conference 2009

25th June, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham

Plenary | Parallel session 1 | Parallel session 2 | Parallel session 3 | Parallel session 4 | Parallel session 5 | Posters

Where authors have given their permission presentations and posters from the conference can be downloaded below.

Please contact the speakers via the enquiries at ncin dot link NCIN Co-ordinating Team if you wish to use any slides

Plenary speakers

Parallel Session 1: Cancer - the UK and International Comparisons

NCIN in partnership with Cancer Research UK

The International Comparisons scoping study - Max Van Eijk, Parallel Session 1

Exploring differences in survival from lung cancer in Scotland compared to British Columbia - A population based study - Sara Erridge, Parallel Session 1

Parallel Session 2: Exploiting linkage of Primary Care, Secondary Care and follow up data

NCIN in partnership with the CfH Research Capability Programme

Parallel Session 3: Survivorship

NCIN in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support

Parallel Session 4: Transforming Data Collection and Management to Inform Outcomes

NCIN in partnership with The Information Centre for Health and Social Care

Parallel Session 5: Outcomes data for Patients and Public

NCIN in partnership with NDP Partnership Forum and NCRI Consumer Liaison Group

Poster presentations