Urological cancer Site Specific Clinical Reference Group membership


NameRoleAffiliationLinked role
Roger Kockelbergh Chair Chair, BAUS section of Oncology Peer Review
Luke Hounsome NCIN (Bristol)     
Sarah Cant Voluntary Sector Prostate Cancer UK  
Rebecca Porta Voluntary Sector  Orchid  
Vacancy Consumer    
Ian Clements Consumer    
David Hrouda NHS England Urology CRG    
Patricia Harnden Pathology   NCRI (renal)
Clare Allen Radiology    
Vacancy Nursing    
Noel Clarke Surgery British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) NCRI (Prostate)
David Gillatt Surgery BAUS Co-morbidity
Erik Mayer Surgery BAUS  
Raj Persad Surgery BAUS (honorary secretary)  
Heather Payne Clinical Oncology    
Duncan Mclaren Clinical Oncology   NCRI Bladder
Jim Barber Clinical Oncology    
Simon Woodhams Urologist    
Nick Watkin Urologist    
Rob Huddart Clinical Oncology & testis   NCRI Testis
Ben Ayres Urologist (penile cancers)   NCRI (Penile)
Nicky Coombes Public Health England - NCIN    
Kris Adewole Public Health England - NCIN    
James Heasman NHS England Quality Surveillance team  National Cancer Peer Review