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Access to data & the Data Access and Release Service (DARS)

Accessing cancer registration and other datasets.

2019 registration statistics

2019 Cancer incidence numbers and rates.


NHS Digital

NCRAS is part of NHS Digital (NHS D), which designs, develops and operates the national IT and data services that support clinicians at work, helps patients get the best care, and uses data to improve health and care.

 use MY data

The use MY data website has information on the benefits of using patient data.



The National Disease Registration Service (NDRS) has a new website,, that will be live as of April 20th 2023. All future NDRS information and outputs can be found on the new site.tent on this legacy site will still be available on the National Archives.

The National Disease Registration Service

Updated April 2023

The responsibility for the management of the National Disease Registration Service of which the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service is a part, transferred from PHE to NHS Digital and then to NHS England on 1st October 2021. NHS England is the controller of the personal data held by the NDRS under data protection law. Bringing together NDRS’ and NHS Digital’s data, capability and technical expertise in to NHS England will provide significant benefits for patients, clinicians, and the wider health and social care system over coming years by providing a more comprehensive data service for the NHS. 

30 years of cancer intelligence - a look back on the history.

Find out more about NCRAS.

Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes - A strategy for England - Executive summary and  Report


Incidencemortalitystage data (excl.'other' site) for 2017, comparisons made to 2016. Emergency presentations for 2016 compared to 2015. Survival data for 2013-2017 followed up to 2018, compared to 2012-2016.

Most recent publications

The following is a list of the most recent publications produced by NCRAS

Most recent



Releases of data and projects to help manage and understand the impact on cancer and non-cancer care and outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic are available here.

Cancer Statistics: availability and location - March 2020

For an overview about the cancer statistics NCRAS publishes, including information on the latest statistics that are publicly available and where to find them, please use this document

Secondary Care Diagnostic Interval

NCRAS in partnership with CRUK published statistics on the length of Secondary Care Diagnostic Interval – the time between a patient's first event with secondary care and their diagnosis date - which can be explored in a tool here

2017 Stage data

Updated stage breakdowns for 2012 to 2017 by CCG and cancer site are now available.

Be Clear on Cancer evaluations

A large number of evaluation reports have been published examining the effectiveness of the Be Clear on Cancer campaigns - including looking at emergency presentations, Two Week Waits and diagnostic imaging amongst other measures.

Cancer survival

NCRAS and ONS recently published survival statistics for cancer patients diagnosed between 2013 and 2017, followed up to 2018. 

Radiotherapy delivery

Radiotherapy activity for hospitals in England can be explored in the tool here. Information is available on episodes and attendances for different disease treatments and treatments using intensity modulated radiotherapy.

Routes to Diagnosis 2006-2017: over a decade of data

Early results for Routes to Diagnosis have been updated to cover 2017, with the full publication up to 2015 being available with an accompanying interactive display. The project now covers over 10 years' worth of data, helping to contribute valuable information to the cancer landscape. Differences in cancer incidence by route comparing 2006 and 2015 can be seen below: