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Understanding Cancer E-learning

Oncology training for NHS and Public Health non-clinical staff

 Amended 07 Nov 2014

Health Intelligence Networks

NCIN is one of five health intelligence networks run by Public Health England. The others are for cardiovascular disease, child and maternal health, mental health, dementia and neurology, and end of life care. Collaboration between the networks is growing. Find out more....

 Amended 07 Nov 2014


The National Cancer Intelligence Network

The NCIN is a UK-wide initiative, working to drive improvements in standards of cancer care and clinical outcomes by improving and using the information collected about cancer patients for analysis, publication and research.

NCIN - 30 years of cancer intelligence - a look back on the history.

Find out more about NCIN.

NCIN central analysis work programme

Summary of the current work being undertaken by the central analytical team

Major resections by cancer site

Major surgical resections in England for 21 cancer sites, broken down by age and sex (2006-2010).

Routes to diagnosis

Routes and relative survival for cancers diagnosed in England in 2006-2010

Amended 29 Jan 2015

Links to recent cancer statistics

The most recent cancer incidence, mortality and survival statistics can be found here.

What cancer stats are available?

Download our useful reference guide.

Amended 09 Jan 2015

Recruitment of Chairs for NCIN SSCRGs – Colorectal, Sarcoma and  Upper GI cancers

The National Cancer Intelligence Network is looking to recruit Chairs to three of its Site Specific Clinical Reference Groups (SSCRGs). Clinical Engagement is central to the effectiveness of the NCIN and the Chairs are key to the successful operation of the SSCRGs.

Further details

Amended 29 Jan 2015