General Practice Profiles

General Practice profiles for cancer brings together a range of process and outcomes information relevant to cancer in Primary Care. These profiles provide readily available and comparative information for benchmarking and reviewing variation at a General Practice level and can be used to understand the cancer burden. 

General Practice Profiles are updated annually. Data relating to the individual indicators may come from different data sources and relate to differing time periods. 

General Practice profiles released in 2012/2013 and beyond are mapped to CCGs using the most up-to-date mappings available at the time of release. The profiles published before 2012 are mapped to PCTs only. 

GP Profiles are available via the Cancer Commissioning Toolkit and will be updated in Feb 2015 (public and NHS professional view).

GP Profile Example

What is included in the profiles?

The data in the profiles are updated annually based on the latest available information. Data relating to the individual indicators come from different data sources and different time periods. There are 24 indicators shown on each profile, grouped into 4 ‘domains’ containing indicators that are similar in type.

These domains are:

  • Demographics
  • Cancer Screening
  • Cancer Waiting Times
  • Presentation & Diagnostics

How can I access these profiles?

The profiles are available via the Cancer Commissioning Toolkit (CCT). The profiles are viewable in the Public view and NHS professional view of the CCT. The public version of the profiles has potentially identifiable data removed). The Supporting Document tab lists the data definition document (metadata).


We welcome comments and suggestions as to how to make future versions and iterations more relevant and useful for those who use them. Please email profiles at ncin dot link   with your feedback or questions.

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