Cancer e-Atlas

The UK cancer e-Atlas provides a way to view cancer incidence and mortality statistics for the UK, the UK constituencies and smaller localities. It provides the public, health care professionals, commissioners and health service managers with basic cancer information for the main types of cancer in males, females and persons.

Click here for links to the most recent incidence, mortality and survival data. 

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The Cancer e-Atlas is an interactive tool which uses maps, charts and data tables to display the information for the area of the UK you are interested in at looking at. You can also download the statistics in an excel format.

The Cancer e-Atlas is provided at UK level. Following the change to the way health care is commissioned in England, cancer networks and Primary Care Trusts no longer exist. Whilst cancer incidence, mortality and survival data are being recalculated to reflect the new sub-national health boundaries in England, updated cancer incidence and mortality results are available for the old PCT geographies.

View Cancer e-Atlas by NHS health boundaries

The Cancer e-Atlas by NHS health boundaries provides statistics for NHS boundaries including Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) for England and NHS/Health Boards for Scotland and Northern Ireland. The e-Atlas provides national and UK constituency statistics.

Data Available on the UK Cancer e-Atlas

The UK cancer e-Atlas has been jointly developed by the NCIN and the UK Association of Cancer Registries (UKACR). The cancer statistics are extracted from the UK Cancer Information Service (UKCIS) database, using the latest data available.

  • Cancer incidence statistics based on patients diagnosed in 2008-2010
  • Cancer mortality statistics based on people that died from cancer in 2009-2011

Using the Cancer e-Atlas

The Cancer e-Atlas Guide provides an overview on how to use the Cancer e-Atlas and advice on using the statistics.


Quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Click on the UK map to choose locality of interest.
  2. To view UK, England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland data click on mini UK map. Alternatively a locality can be selected by name by clicking on the button called “Select localities” above the UK map. Clicking this will show a list of locality options. Select the locality of interest and then click the “Select localities” button again to hide the list. To compare up to 3 localities, hold down the 'Ctrl' key whilst you click on another locality.
  3. Select the cancer you are interested in by clicking on the cancer type name, highlighted in green on data table. A list of the cancer statistics for that cancer will appear in the data table. To expand and collapse the whole list of cancer types, click on the “-“ or “+” symbols (below the data table). Use the scroll bar on the right of the data table to see more data.
  4. To view the specific statistics of interest (e.g incidence, mortality or survival) click on the data in the data display area. The statistics will then also be displayed in the bar chart and an explanation of the data will be provided in the note area (“Information about the selected data item”).

Other useful Cancer e-Atlases

When data are available for the new health boundaries in England, two new e-atlases will be available; by Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) and by Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).  Until data are available, the UK Cancer e-Atlas above only provides the latest cancer statistics by NHS health boundaries. The link below is for the older cancer network version of the Cancer e-Atlas which covers 2006-2008 for incidence and 2007-2009 for mortality.

The UK cancer e-Atlas has been jointly developed by the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) and members of the UK & Ireland Association of Cancer Registries (UKIACR)

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