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We are a network of organisations working across the UK, including cancer registries, the NHS and health departments, cancer charities, research funders and other organisations with an interest in using information to improve outcomes for cancer patients. The Network is co-ordinated by a small NCIN National Co-ordinating Team.

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The NCIN works closely with the UK and Ireland Association of Cancer Registry.

Members of the NCRI Partnership

NCIN sits within the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) and the NCRI partners will help fund research on the population level data collated by the NCIN.

Current members of NCRI have all demonstrated that they have an annual cancer research spend in the UK in excess of £1million, and have an appropriate peer-review system for ensuring the scientific quality of the research they fund. NCRI members are obliged to provide full, publishable, details of the cancer research they fund to the NCRI for inclusion on the NCRI Cancer Research Database, and contribute to the development and implementation of cancer research strategies in the UK.

A list of members is available from the NCRI website.