Co-morbidity data collection

NCIN work programme | 2009 Co-morbidity workshop

NCIN funded work programme

In October 2010 NCIN invited interested groups to apply for funding to investigate ways of collecting co-morbidity data, across three areas of work:

  1. Testing the feasibility of using Adult Co-morbidity Evaluation 27 (ACE 27) as a routine measure of co-morbidity
  2. Exploring new ways of deriving and using data on co-morbidity
  3. Reviewing the current situation

Applications have now closed and the bids received are under consideration by NCIN. Once work is underway details will be posted on this page.

Workshop on co-morbidity data collection (October 2009)

Collecting data on co-morbidities in a clinically relevant way poses serious challenges. To begin to address this issue, and as part of the review of the National Cancer Dataset, NCIN held a workshop on co-morbidity data collection on 22nd October 2009.

Approximately 50 participants from NCIN's Site Specific Clinical Reference Groups (SSCRGs), representing a range of clinical specialties, cancer registries and other interested groups heard short lectures from a renowned international faculty and took part in two facilitated workshops to discuss the issues.

The aims of the day were to:

  • To consider the need for routine co-morbidity data collection in all cancer patients
  • To evaluate current methodologies
  • To consider attributes of a generic tool
  • To consider any site specific elements
  • To consider feasibility of collection

A report summarising the discussions from the day can be downloaded and the presentations are available below.