Other sources of cancer statistics

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UK statistics

Cancer Research UK publish a range of statistics on cancer incidence, mortality and survival, accessible through their 'CancerStats' site. National Statistics for the UK which have been published by the Office for National Statistics are available here.

Incidence, mortality and survival statistics for each of the UK nations are also available from the following agencies:

National Statistics

Regional Statistics

Regional statistics for England are available directly from the English National Cancer Registry. Regional Statistics for the non-English countries are available directly from the national agencies

Cancer Survival

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Cancer Research UK Cancer Survival Group make available tools for cancer survival analysis as well as national, regional and other life tables.

Cancer survival statistics for England are available from ONS:

Site Specific Statistics

Statistics for individual cancer sites are published by Cancer Research UK. Statistics for England are available from ONS.

National Cancer Audits

Health Profiles

There are a variety of cancer metrics contained within the Fingertips Public Health Profiles data portal, including the Cancer Services Profiles and GP Practice Profiles.

International statistics

  • Cancer Research UK have produced cancer incidence, mortality and survival statistics for cancers diagnosed worldwide. This data is taken from the GLOBOCAN 2012 database and presents estimates for 2012.
  • IARC has published GLOBOCAN 2012 which provides estimates of cancer incidence and mortality for nearly every country in the world for 27 cancer sites together with graphics and map tools.