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Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD)

 Now available on downloads page:

  • NEW! COSD Pathology documentation final versions   - minor amendments to previous version published in April
  • NEW! COSD Pathology mapping document - cross mapping between COSD v6.0 pathology items and the RCPath datasets
  • NEW! COSD Dataset v6.0 Basic format   - simplified version for reference
  • NEW! COSD v6.0 Errata   - Corrections to documentation. Latest update 30th June 2015

 What is the COSD?

The national standard for reporting cancer in the NHS in England since January 2013. Please see the Background to the COSD for more information. 

Documentation for the COSD Information Standard (SCII1521 Amd 17/2014) including the Specification, Change Notice and Implementation Guide is available on the HSCIC website. The latest version of the COSD Dataset and Schema, guidance and supporting documentation are available via the Downloads webpage.

COSD changes 2015

In order to ensure that the COSD remains up to date and fit for purpose we need to identify and submit changes on a regular basis, usually annually. The official notification for 2015 changes is now available on the HSCIC website, including the revised Specification and Implementation guide.  All other documentation can be downloaded from the Downloads page.  This now includes the final pathology specific schema to support structured XML submissions from January 2016.

Please note that there is one change to the dataset from the prepublication version. This is to reinstate UR15300 - STAGE GROUPING (TESTICULAR) in the Urology dataset as this was deleted in error.   

Submission Schedule

The schedule below gives the deadline for Providers to submit the COSD data for each calendar month of diagnosis/treatment. (PAS feeds have a later deadline)  Feedback reports for the data submitted are available through the NCRS COSD Conformance Monitoring Feedback Portal.  

Month of diagnosis/treatment Submission due date (MDT/Pathology)
November 2015 7th January 2016
December 2015 5th February 2016
January 2016 4th March 2016
Febuary 2016 6th April 2016
March 2016 6th May 2016
April 2016 7th June 2016
May 2016 5th July 2016
June 2016 4th August 2016
July 2016 5th September 2016
August 2016 5th October 2016
September 2016 4th November 2016
October 2016 5th December 2016
November 2016 9th January 2017
December 2016 6th February 2017










A revised Conformance Framework has been published to align with v6.0. The Framework provides an outline of the conformance and quality checking reports which are provided following submission, processes for dealing with any problems in submission and the escalation process if these issues cannot be resolved locally. This document should be reviewed in conjunction with the Data Transfer Partnership Agreement which Providers have completed detailing key contacts and details of the data they submit to the NCRS. The  Conformance Framework is available from the the Downloads webpage.  

Feedback and Queries

We welcome comments, queries and requests for further information through the COSD Helpdesk (COSDenquiries at phe dot link ).